Hydrographics 101

Hydro dipping .. looks so good, and youtube would have you believe it’s so easy.


I can only think the guys who post the videos (mostly pro shops) don’t mention certain things, like rinsing after, so you buy the stuff from them, have a go, fuck it up, then pay them to do it for you.

Or is that overly cynical…

Ok so here’s what I’ve learned through trial and error.


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L2 Attacks and mitigation for fun and profit!

Switching Networks

So before i go into this i think it important to know the very basics of a switching network, and to protocols we will be working with as this knowledge explains how the attacks function. If you know this feel free to skip to the next section, but i will keep this as short as possible.


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Quick guide to WLAN hacking

Sniffing traffic is perfectly legal, HOWEVER as soon as you start injecting packets or otherwise actually messing with a network you need permission from the owner or you ARE breaking the law.

Yes you can attack your own wifi network legally; No your neighbours network isn’t included in this unless they say you can (the owner/bill payer).

All of the following is done in Kali Linux.


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Elite: Dangerous / Star Citizen / Saitek x52 Desk drop mounts.

OK, soo ive been playing a LOT of  Elite: Dangerous, and a joystick set is definatly the way forward.


But then you realise your getting cramp in your wrists having the stuff on your desk, So, Drop mounts…



Having browsed the web / Star Citizen / ED forums endlessly it appears these are freaking hard to find. The ones you do are either really expensive, or attached to a £500 sim chair –  that I personally dont really have space for and eif i did i’d ven then would have to explain to my other half why i needed to spend £500 on two little tables for my joysticks attached to an oversize chair thats taking up most of the room.


So, easy solution .. make some.