Elite: Dangerous / Star Citizen / Saitek x52 Desk drop mounts.

OK, soo ive been playing a LOT of  Elite: Dangerous, and a joystick set is definatly the way forward.


But then you realise your getting cramp in your wrists having the stuff on your desk, So, Drop mounts…



Having browsed the web / Star Citizen / ED forums endlessly it appears these are freaking hard to find. The ones you do are either really expensive, or attached to a £500 sim chair –  that I personally dont really have space for and eif i did i’d ven then would have to explain to my other half why i needed to spend £500 on two little tables for my joysticks attached to an oversize chair thats taking up most of the room.


So, easy solution .. make some.


I probally should give better destructions on how to do these, but the seemed pretty obvious to me especially once id ebay’d sutable mounts, the only thing id say is in the first itteration i used some server rack mounting for the drop arms and it was too flexable, so i upgraded to some good stiff aluminum bar.


Heres the rough diagram i used;


Download (PDF, Unknown)


The pre threaded holes in the mounts were M6


And this bad photo is how they looked when done! (Yes i like teh blue glowey stuff, and have a crap camera on my phone)